Ar-GUI (AKINROBOTICS User interface)

These are artificial neural networks where many processes are performed, such as identifying all robots connected to the system, tracking telemetry data and keeping these data for training artificial intelligence, transmitting instant alerts to the user and uploading behaviors to the robot.Thanks to the behavior circuit included in the Ar-GUI used to program the robot and to examine its data, users can use all the sensor data on the robot with their desired logic systems, they can also program the commands to be given to all actuators on the robot, in short, they can train the robot.In other words, they can give the robot a new behavior or habit.

This programming can be completely connected to each other without writing any code with the planned event pattern and behavior Circuit of the components by the drag-and-drop method.All features of the components (acceleration, speed, angle, speech, hearing) added to the behavior circuit can be accessed and the regulation of complex habits can be achieved.These behaviors assigned to a robot are simultaneously uploaded to other robots of the user's choice, making it possible for robots to perform synchronous behaviors and collaborative tasks.