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As a result of the developments in artificial intelligence and robotic technologies in the global world, service robots have started to appear in every aspect of our daily lives day by day. The latest and most impressive trend of technology is by renting or purchasing service robots with artificial intelligence; You can create awareness in your visitors and customers while showing the latest point of high technology.

With our artificial intelligence social robots , robot rental and robot purchase concepts, you can offer a high-tech experience to your visitors and customers, apart from the conventional product promotion methods in your business processes. Our service robots, which are especially the center of attention of children, will be the center of attention with their dance shows.

With our social robots ADA GH5, MINI ADA-3 and ADA GH6 , you can greet your guests visiting your business, promote your products and services, promote and transport your products weighing up to 10 kg with their arms that can imitate human movements. In addition, by acting as a hostess at your fairs and promotional events; distribute brochures, perform announcement and presenting services. Our social robots ; give your guests fun-filled moments with the dance show in the choreographed program, and you will experience the awareness of offering a unique experience.

What Do They Do?

Our robots to be used in the service sector are ADA GH5, MINI ADA, and ADA GH6; with the concept of renting and purchasing robots, they can be assigned to airports, bus stations, hotels, shopping centers, stores, markets, restaurants, and cafes, fairs, concerts, organizations such as openings, celebrations, educational institutions, hospitals.

Muhasebenize Tam Entegre
Distributing brochures
Distribution brochures at airports, shopping malls
Akıllı Karşılaştırma ve Raporlama
Dancing in line with the given choreography
Dancing at events such as fairs, organizations, concerts, etc.
Ekstre Karşılaştırma
Waitress services
Taking service from the kitchen in cafes and restaurants and serving to the table
Product promotion
Product promotion in shopping malls, markets, food stands
Welcoming hostess
o be able to greet and inform your guests in organizations such as fairs and openings
Nurse in hospitals
Serving the patient with water and food, timing the medication and taking the medication to the patient
Active computer and internet use
Immediate response to questions asked over the internet
Smart screen
Ability to interact with people thanks to the smart screen in front of them (Providing visuals such as text, pictures, photographs, and videos related to the product they promote or the subject of training)
Strong memory
To be able to explain simple geometric shapes and mathematical operations by writing for children in primary school education.
Plaque giving, ribbon cutting, appointment reminder, cake cutting, flower watering, dog walking