AKINROBOTICS Robotik Aktivite Kiti Parçaları

With the continuous development of technology, innovative and production-oriented technologies are also needed at the same rate. Countries that are aware of this need make room for coding and robotic education for children at an early age in their education systems. Children gain knowledge in coding and basic robotics at an early age. Robotic coding, which provides benefits such as analytical thinking, critical thinking, and 21st century skills, has become the most popular education trend of recent times.

It has become products that can be used by almost every child, thanks to its models produced at different levels, which can be preferred to make children love robotic projects and to educate them in the best way.In addition to being preferred for educational purposes, the training sets, which can also be evaluated in order to achieve better results in robot competitions, attract the attention of children, especially thanks to their different designs, and thus enable them to focus for a long time.  



AKINROBOTICS Robotik Aktivite Kiti

Robotic coding to individuals;
challenge, problem-solving, team sense, and perseverance through cooperation.