AKINROBOTICS Is openIng Doors to Guests

Our 7th TechnIcal Vısıt (4 May 2019)

Influx of Visitors to Turkey's Domestic Robot Brand AKINROBOTICS

The 7th Technical Visit has been organized by AKINROBOTICS with paticipation of over 3000 visitors as a part of support to education. In this event, a lot of information about robot making process, artificial intelligence and high technology were given by the expert engineers of AKINROBOTICS to the technology fans from various educational institutions and different cities.

Our 6th TechnIcal Tour (9 March 2019)

6th Technical tour organized in the context of "contribution to education" by AKINROBOTICS got great attention.

AKIN ROBOTICS hosted more than 3000 visitors consisting individual attenders and primary school, high school and university groups from various cities. Engineers specialized in their fields gave information to the visitors about the production process of the robots produced in AKIN ROBOTICS and answered their questions.

Our TechnIcal Tour on 15 December 2018

AKINROBOTIC hosted more than 3000 participants at 5th Technical Tour, which they organized within the context of contribution to education. Hundreds of people that were at "Get-Well" visit to Humanoid Robot Mini ADA, met at AKINROBOTICS.

Information about Robot Making Process, Artificial Intelligence and High Technology have been provided by the Expert Engineers of AKINROBOTICS to the visitors of organization; students, academicians and citizens that came from various cities and education institutions of our Country.

Our TechnIcal TrIp on 6th October 2018

Have its name rather frequently mentioned both in Turkish and international media with the works it made in the field of Robotic Technologies, AKINROBOTICS, keeps its technical trip organizations that are organized to create awareness for the high technology. Once more opening its gates to the technology geeks, AKINROBOTICS organized its technical trip organization for the fourth time on 6th October 2018, on Saturday. AKINROBOTICS staff described the Robot making process to about 700 visitors coming from the various schools of Turkey.

Our technIcal tour at 5 May 2018

World's first humanoid robot factory AKINROBOTICS hosted hundreds of guests who are interested in technology and came from various education institutions and different cities from our country, at technical tour organized by company for the third time at 5 may 2018.

Our technIcal tour at 21 Aprıl 2018

AKINROBOTICS hosted numerous technology geeks from educational institutions and various organizations. AKINROBOTICS, who continues to regenerate, improve and grow rapidly everyday; gives opportunity to see studies in robotics technology and humanoid robots in place with periodically organized technical tour activities.

ExcItement of 23 Aprıl Chıldren's Day at AKINROBOTICS

AKINROBOTICS hosted children visitors at humanoid Robot factory tour that organized within the scoup of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day. Children who participated to activity; danced with the music of 23 April with humanoid robot ADA GH5 and Mini ADA.

Our technIcal tour at 24 March 2018

AKINROBOTICS with technical tours organized by itself, hosted almost 1000 guests from various instutitions of our country. AKINROBOTICS, who continues to regenerate, improve and grow rapidly everyday; gives opportunity to see studies in robotics technology in place with periodically organized technical tour activities.