Service Robot Project

Hello to service robots with Mini ADA
Mini ADA, which takes its place in everyday life, can be assigned in many areas such as airports, bus stations, hotels, shopping centers, stores, markets, education area, fairs, concerts, opening and celebration organizations.

MINI ADA - 3 Height


MINI ADA - 3 Weight


MINI ADA - 3 Walking Speed


Walking Speed
Social Robot Mini Ada 3 Service Robot



Filters the noise around thanks to the 3 multi-directional microphones on it, perceiving the direction where the sound is coming from, transmits it to the artificial intelligence.

Body Screen

Interacts with people through a 10.1 inch touch screen integrated into its body, displays images, photos and videos on the subject.


With 2 stereo microphones; it transforms the questions and orders from outside into "speech to text" and sorts them in artificial intelligence and transmits the obtained information to the user in four different languages.


It can rotate 360 degrees freely and walk at a speed of 50m/min thanks to its 3 wheels and steering mechanism consisting of 'outrunner' motors that are used to make directional movements.

Social Robot Mini Ada 3 Abilities Service Robot - Humanoid Robot
Vision and Human Recognition

It calculates the difference with the object by perceiving the depth through the stereo vision cameras in its eyes. It recognizes faces and objects with image processing technology. Can read words written in standard fonts above a certain size.

Arm Structure

With a 5-axis arm structure, it can move flexibly up, down, sideways and backwards.

QR Code Reader

Provides easy access to product information, location directions and payment information.

Autonomous Navigation

It provides autonomous navigation thanks to 2 lidars on it.


Thanks to the impact and fall sensors, MINI ADA notices the obstacles around it and directs its movement.

Technıcal Specıfıcatıons


Project Starting Date

MINI ADA - 3 Project Starting Date
45 kg


MINI ADA - 3 Weight


MINI ADA - 3 Battery
Turkısh/ Multi-Language Support (English, Russian, Arabic)


MINI ADA - 3 Language

Project Ending Date

MINI ADA - 3 Project Ending Date
123 cm


MINI ADA - 3 Height
8 Hours

Battery Life

MINI ADA - 3 Battery Life

Production Quantity

MINI ADA - 3 Production Quantity

Joint Structure & Sensor Network

  • With a 5-axis arm structure, it can move flexibly up, down, sideways and backwards.
  • It has 2 engines to examine the environment and make humanoid head movements.
  • It can walk a speed of 50m / min by turning 360 degrees freely thanks to 3 wheels and an outrunner motor, which is used to make directional movements.
  • The robot has more than 100 sensors on it.
  • All 18 engines on the Mini ADA are individually controlled by location, speed and temperature sensors and enabling synchronization.
  • Using the impact sensors equipped on it, MINI ADA changes its direction by recognizing the obstacles around.
  • It provides information by measuring the ambient temperature with the temperature sensor.
  • With the ambient light sensor, it detects the light value in the environment and informs.
  • Thanks to the liking sensor, When you touch and fondle the robot's head, it reacts and indicates that it understands it.
  • Thanks to 1 beacon placed on the robot and 3 beacons placed in the environment, it knows its point source position with an accuracy of 30cm. If desired, the location and direction description, direction calculation and similar works can be done from the map to be created on the robot screen thanks to these sensors.
Social Robot Mini Ada 3 Joint Structure Sensor Network Humanoid Robot
Social Robot Mini Ada 3 What She Can Do Service Robot

MINI ADA What She Can Do?

  • Dancing: You can attract your customers and guests with interesting show by MINI ADA dancing through the given choreography in events such as exhibitions, concerts, organizations.
  • Product Promotion: Together with MINI ADA, you can welcome your guests that visits you at your fair area, restaurant, hotel, shop or product stand, you can convey the information about your products and services more accurately and clearly.
  • Welcoming hostess/Receptionist: They can welcome your guests that visited you at your business place or organizations like fair and cermeonies. and give information to them
  • Giving Directions: When any pleace asked (f.e: exit, lost property office, taxi, etc.), it can show and give directions by voice. Also, shows the map info on its screen and draws route of the destination.
  • Active computer and web usage: It can simultaneously answer questions asked on the web. Informs about breaking news, weather information and can answer any kind of question that you are interested in.
  • Training: It gives information about the field it is working in and creates instant conversation.
  • Barcode Reader: At the airports, using the barcode reader system located on it, the flight information of the passenger can be indicated and displayed on the screen. At the same time it informs about destionation time, the transportation, time, weather, etc.


  • After the robot is sold, the purchaser company has the right to request new software updates (artificial intelligence, control software, embedded software) free of charge for one (1) year.
  • After the sale of the robot, technical support is free of charge to the purchaser company for one (1) year (provided that the travel expenses are covered).