Guest Service robots
Guest Service robots

Service robots provide a workforce gaining by delivering products requested by guests in the service sector such as restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and etc.


  • Our robot has an unmanned working principle with a mapping system
  • Even in an environment with moving objects, collision protection can be provided with the sensors on it.
  • By programming with the autonomous navigation feature, you can enable this device to navigate and operate by itself without hitting obstacles.
  • Between units; You can move your documents, documents, and files to the designated locations in the open sections and your confidential documents in the locked cell section.
  • Prepared options for your staff and classification. With the menu you will create an interface, you can provide orders and services.
  • Our robot plans its work with the current battery/power balance. If it calculates that it will not be able to complete its task in the area where it will navigate autonomously, it first goes to the charging unit and charges, then continues its task.
  • Optionally; a thermometer and cooler section can be added.
  • It has an easy-to-clean surface that allows you to provide hygienic service.
  • Can speak the specified sentences aloud. (Enjoy, welcome, etc.)
  • You can make instant assignments with its wireless control feature.
Guest Service robots features


MaxImum Speed

7 km/h

Battery LIfe

8 hours


Lithium Ion


10.1" Touch screen




60X80X155 cm


Lidar- Stereo Vision;

ProductIon QuantIty