Robot Museum


Turkey's domestic Robotic Brand AKINROBOTICS; During the 10 years period after its establishment; hosted over 20,000 visitors from many locations of Turkey at the Technical Tour program which being organized periodically to provide technology enthusiasts with the opportunity to see all stages of robot production in the light of rapidly advancing technological developments and to support training. In this regard, we decided to carry our Robot Museum to every desired point in order to find the corners that could not meet yet with robotic technologies and also to meet the intense demand. Robot Museum; It was created to protect, examine and evaluate all of the robots and robot parts produced by AKINROBOTICS, and most importantly, to raise awareness of the society about robotic technologies.

What Are The Contents Of The Robot Museum?

AKINROBOTICS has achieved a first in the world by producing artificial intelligence-powered robots that are the latest and most impressive trend of technology for the service sector. In the Robot Museum, where all the robotic work showed which done by AKINROBOTICS in the 10 years since 2009; Robot Trial Studies, Humanoid Robots Working with Artificial Intelligence, Service Robots, Agricultural Robots, Terrain Robots, Industrial Robots, and many more robotic studies with Industrial Solutions are exhibited. The museum also includes Smart actuators, BLDC Motors, Control Circuits, Development Kits, Plastic Injection Molds and many other production components produced locally by AKINROBOTICS and used in robotic studies. Thanks to the robot museum, visitors get the chance to learn technical information about the application areas and usage patterns of all the products we have produced with the explanation of our expert personnel in the field of robotic technologies.