Our Aım

To bring appropriate and qualified staff to the company, improve and maintain.

Our Selectıon-Placement Process

Human Recources team evaluate all the applications and forward them to the related departments in accordance with need. You can apply AKINROBOTICS Headquarters directly or online through our web site. Your application is evaluated by our Human Recources team after this step and give both the positive or negative feedback to you.

Wages and Benefıts

• The position, technical knowledge and experience are considered in the process of determining the wages of the staffs.

• The wages is increased in the periods that the government set according to the inflation and staff performance.


Various seminars are given to the employees in AKINROBOTICS due to high quality service.

Theese are;

• "AKINROBOTICS Products" training for the new staff,

• Performance-enhancing trainings in appropriate subjects (Motivation, Success,etc.) as a result of investigation of Human Recources Department.

• Trainings for staffs to improve themselves according to the their positions are given to them or supported financially. (English courses, Computer Courses, etc)

Intern Opportunıtıes

Interns are accepted in certain periods of the year according to the need of the departments. Internship for an average of 30 students in AKINROBOTICS Konya, AKINROBOTICS İstanbul and Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotics Application Center is available annually.

Workıng Arrangement

Working hours are changed 2 times in a year due to daylight saving time.

Workıng Hours

Weekdays : 8:00 am- 6:30 pm

* There is no service between 12:30 - 13:20 due to lunch break.

* Saturday and Sunday are weekly leave days, there is no work.

Publıc Holıdays

Official Holidays ( Total - 7.5 Days)
New Year 01 January 1 Day
National Sovereignty and Children's Day 23 April 1 Day
Labor and Solidarity Day 01 May 1 Day
Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day 19 May 1 Day
Democracy and National Solidarity Day 15 Jul 1 Day
Victory Day 30 August 1 Day
Republic Day 28-29 October 1,5 Days
Religious Holidays (Total - 8 Days)
Ramadan Feast (2019) 3-6 June 3,5 Days
Sacrifice Feast (2019) 10-14 August 4,5 Days
* There is half day working time in the eve of religious festivals..