AKINROBOTICS, the first humanoid robot factory of the world, invites you all to experience the enthusiasm of the construction process of the totally indigenous robots. Witness the whole process of robot manufacturing in company with the specialists in their field.
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We conduct “Touch Your Utopia with Özgür AKIN, PhD” events at the universities, chambers, summits, workshops. For the suggestion as speaker;
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Staff number is increasing in our company day by day where teamwork is essential. The main principle in selection and recruitment is to give applicants equal opportunities and bring individuals with a high level of education in the company who are successful at interpersonal relationships, open for improvement, young and dynamic, good at teamwork and not afraid of change.
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Take Your Place Among Informatics and Advanced Technology Field’s Stars! Our company offers internships at AKINSOFT Konya, AKINSOFT Istanbul and AKINROBOTICS as well as at our local and main dealers’ offices.
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As AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, scholarship opportunity is provided in the frame of our support of education. You can apply for scholarship during the year. Scholarship applications are evaluated every year in October and the selected candidates are notified.
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We, as AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, show that we are not only business oriented but also a social company, at every opportunity. Apart from the high technology works, we carry out sponsorships providing support within social responsibility on different areas. It carries out sponsorships with the support it gives to different fields within the framework of social responsibility.
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Humanoid robots can work in service sector, airports, bus stations, hotels, malls, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, education institutes, hospitals, and organizations such as exhibitions, concerts, ceremonies.
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The easiest way to receive and place order online. You can order food from all Rezzta member restaurants’ delicious menu without paying any extra charge. As a restaurant manager, you can receive order online, widen your restaurant service network without any commision by a Rezzta member.


AKINSOFT is one of the pioneer software companies of Turkey and it has the principle of serving the best to customers with an archive of more than 120 programs through more than 2000 solution partners in 31 different country (07.07.2020).
akinsoft.com.tr   akinsoft.com    akinsoft.net    webeliza.com


It is an organization established within the body of AKINSOFT regarding to start mass production of Robotic Technologies as a first in Turkey and in the world.
akinrobotics.com    roboliza.com   akinoid.com


AKINSOFT WOLVOX ERP E-Business basically is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planing) software working integrated with production and financial system.
wolvox.com     erpzamani.com


It is developed by AKINSOFT to provide online sales and satisfy the needs of all enterprises.
akinsofteticaret.com    akinsofteticaret.net


AKINSOFT is a showcase that gathers all web based programs and offers them to customers.


Internet Services Department allows you to host your website with the servers that have strong and unproblematic substructure. Besides, it provides operations of Domain Name Register.
e-mutabik.com     E-çözümler

DIGI Market

It is an online shop that many kind of technologic the products (hardware, software, etc…) are sold as well as AKINSOFT programs. digimarketim.com     akinsoftstore.com       akinsoftstore.net


It is an AKINSOFT magazine publishing AKINSOFT news, the development on technology, science and economy and works of AKINSOFT Headquarters and Solution Partners.


Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotics Application Center which allows you to see for yourself the works of AKINSOFT on Robotics Technologies and offers the customers a fun service through the robot waitress ADA, has joined AKINSOFT on 26 March 2015.


It is an AKINSOFT software developed for restaurants, billiards/playstation/internet cafes, laboratories, the users or organizations which need internet web filtering.
cafeplus.com.tr   cafeplusfilter.com    cafeforumcafe.com   ticaretalani.com    teknopano.com   

Free Computer

It is a department of AKINSOFT which carries out operations such as hardware (OEM parts and computer) sales, consumable sales and technical support (computer installation, trouble shooting and maintenance).


It is the Marketing Department of AKINSOFT. They deliver the programs produced by programming department to end users through sales teams who are the unit of AKINSOFT Solution Partners (Distributors, Dealers, Region Dealers, Main Dealers, Sales Points) in Turkey and abroad.

Free Club

It is a membership system that is created by AKINSOFT. It provides members to have services and accommodation in the contractual enterprises and AKINSOFT Solution Partners with special discounts in Turkey and foreign countries.
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Ozgur Akin, PhD

AKINSOFT – AKINROBOTICS Chairman of Executive Board
ozgurakin.com.tr     ozgurakin.com     drozgurakin.com