Aros : AKINROBOTICS Operating System

As the AKINROBOTICS that works on gear-wheel systems, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, the last system we have examined is electromechanical motors ... As electronically and software, this system can be controlled more flexibly compared to other systems. Because of this feature, as AKINROBOTICS, we have determined the basic building block in humanoid robotic system architecture as electromechanical motors. This system, brought some problems such as engine, reduction, encoder, engine driver needs. During the first R&D process we started, these systems were developed independently of each other and system dynamics were determined. The external supply of these products imposed some restrictions and carried the costs to far higher. Therefore, there was a need to produce these products on the territory of this country with domestic resources. As a result of our work, we have completed the R&D process of smart actuators that can be integrated geometrically into all robotic systems. The embedded software systems, which are the upper system required for these actuators, have been completed and the basic building blocks of our humanoid robotic architecture have been completed and they have been able to fulfill all commands. At this point, the need arose for a humanoid robotic operating system that processes all combinations of complex data (acceleration, speed, angle, speech, hearing) from all the sensors of the robot, uses previously acquired data through artificial intelligence, and creates commands in the robot's actuators (arm, hand, head, speaker, user screen, eyes etc.) by processing the decisions taken.


Considering the studies done in the world, the system recommended for this need is ROS, that is Robotic Operating System.This system only produces solutions for code developers or academic activities.At this point, as AKINROBOTICS, we have developed a platform where robotic studies become widespread throughout the country and that young people, children or even a person who has no software knowledge can be trained and can easily do robotic programming.The name of this developed platform is Aros and it has various units in it. These units are; Ar-GUI, Ar-Designer, Ar-Core, Ar-Control, Ar-View, Roboliza.