Humanoid Robot Hostess Project 2nd Prototype (ADA H4)

Robot Hostess ADA, 150 cm height and 40 kg weight. She can taking orders from the kitchen, serving to the table, walking, speaking, sight, obstacle detection, traffic control, two axis moving head
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Humanoid Robot Hostess Project 2nd Prototype (ADA H4)

Technical Features

  • Project Start Date : 01.09.2016
  • Project Final Date : 11.10.2016
  • Production Quantity : 5 Units
  • Weight : 40 Kg
  • Height : 150 cm
  • Width: 55cm
  • Battery : 24 Volt Battery
  • Battery Time : 24 Hours
  • Language : Turkish


  • Dancing according to the given choreography
  • Talking
  • Walking
  • Humanoid arm and head movements

Join Structure

  • Two arms with 7 axes
  • 3 Omniwheel

Humanoid Hostess Project 2nd Prototype (ADA H4)

AKINSOFT continues to sign its first signatures in Turkey and in the world with the technological studies it has carried out and continues to be the vision of Turkey in the field of advanced technologies. Continuing to work with this awareness, AKINSOFT continues to commemorate December 4th, 1996 as the 'Day of World IT' when a great gift was given to informative lovers on December 4th, 2015 and recently shared Robot Hostess ADA Soon Promotion Video with the public.

Robot Hostess ADA AKINSOFT was presented to the Solution Partners during the 11th Bonus Term Award Presentation and Groundbreaking Ceremony held on December 26, 2015, when the bases of AKINSOFT's 2015 vision of humanoid robot factories' groundbreaking was performed. Robot Hostess ADA which is inspired from ADA and AKINCI robots, has the ability to maneuver and work in any environment with brochure distribution, product introduction, face recognition with image processing technology, communication and interaction with people, walking, speaking, vision, advanced wheel technology and ability to imitate human movements. It can perform many programmable movements with its jointed arms. Robot Hostess The ADA will start to serve at airports, bus stations, shopping malls and many other areas in the future with the serial production process.

Humanoid Robot Hostess Project 2nd Prototype (ADA H4) Features