Mını Humanoıd Robot Project 3. Prototype (MINI ADA) Features

Mini Humanoid Robot

Hello to humonoid robots with Mini ADA

Mini Ada, who already took its part in daily life, can be charged for various activities like openings, celebrating organizations at airports, terminals, hotels, shopping malls, stores, markets, fairs, concerts. With Mini ADA;








Technıcal Specıfıcatıons


Project Starting Date


45 kg



Lıthıum Ion



Spoken Language

Turkish/ Multi-Language Support (English, Russian, Arabic)



Project Ending Date


123 cm



8 Hours

Battery Life

Joint Structure & Sensor Network

  • It can make movements through up, down, left, right and back with 5 axis arm structure.
  • Equipped with 2 engines to check around and to imitate the human head movements.
  • MINI ADA can walk with the speed of 50m/min and turn around 360 degrees using the direction mechanism and 3 wheels that are made from "outrunner" engine which is for making "orientation movements".
  • Robot is equipped with more than 100 sensors on it.
  • All of the 18 engines on the Mini ADA can be synchronized by controlling them individually with position, speed and temperature sensors.
  • Using the impact sensors equipped on it, MINI ADA changes its direction by recognizing the obstacles around.
  • It can clutch and hold the things with pressure sensors in its hands.
  • Via its touch sensor, it can sense and give reactions when you touch and caress its head.


  • Seeing and Recognizing Person : It calculates the distance between an object and itself by perceiving the depth through the stereo vision cameras equipped inside its eyes. It recognizes face and things with image processing technology.
  • Hearing: Thanks to 3 multi directional microphones equipped on it, filters the noises around, detects the incoming direction of noise and transmits it to AI.
  • Talking: With 2 stereo microphone, it converts the questions and commands to the “speech to text” writing, extracts them with artificial intelligence and gives the obtained information to user by voice.
  • Body Screen: With the touch screen integrated on its body, it can interact with people, show them a text, picture or videos that are related with the topic.

MINI ADA What does it do?

  • Dancing: You can attract your customers and guests with interesting show by MINI ADA dancing through the given choreography in events such as exhibitions, concerts, organizations.
  • Product Promotion: Together with MINI ADA, you can welcome your guests that visits you at your fair area, restaurant, hotel, shop or product stand, you can convey the information about your products and services more accurately and clearly.
  • Welcoming hostess/Receptionist: They can welcome your guests that visited you at your business place or organizations like fair and cermeonies. and give information to them
  • Giving Directions: When any pleace asked (f.e: exit, lost property office, taxi, etc.), it can show and give directions by voice. Also, shows the map info on its screen and draws route of the destination.
  • Active computer and web usage: It can simultaneously answer questions asked on the web. Informs about breaking news, weather information and can answer any kind of question that you are interested in.
  • Training: It gives information about the field it is working in and creates instant conversation.
  • Barcode Reader: At the airports, using the barcode reader system located on it, the flight information of the passenger can be indicated and displayed on the screen. At the same time it informs about destionation time, the transportation, time, weather, etc.