Humanoid Robot Project 2nd Prototype

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AKINSOFT HUMANOID ROBOT AKINCI-2 (Humanoid Robot Project 2nd Prototype) Features


Humanoid Robot Project 2nd Prototype

  • Project Start Date : 15.07.2011
  • Project Final Date : 12.04.2013
  • Production Quantity : 1
  • Weight : 65 kg
  • Height : 160 cm
  • Width : 70 cm
  • Pace : 2 step/min
  • Battery : Li-Po (22.1 v)
  • Battery Time : 1 Hour
  • Language : Turkish


  • 3D vision
  • Object recognition and tracking
  • Human detection and tracking
  • Speaking
  • Walking - balance
  • Improved speech recognition system
  • Internet usage (encyclopedic data survey)

Join Structure

  • 46 Joint: Electromechanical
  • DC Motor
  • Patented Reduction System

AKINSOFT HUMANOID ROBOT AKINCI-2 (Humanoid Robot Project 2nd Prototype)

AKINSOFT, established in 1995, developing Robotics Technology intended for artificial intelligence and humanoid robots, proudly presents AKINCI-2 on its 18th anniversary. Undertaking technological mission in Turkey, measured up at the sectors both software and robotics technology in the world, AKINSOFT keeps going production and development for latest innovative technology.

As is well known, first commercial humanoid robot in Turkey, AKINCI-1 is able to reply asked questions, do mathematical operations easily, track display and perform the given instructions. Apart from that, have ability of personation including muscular system and movements. Now, first commercial humanoid mobile robot, AKINCI-2 can stand on its own legs, walk, define more than one object by focusing, keep its balance against external physical effects, have 3D environment perception, focusing on nearby persons, hold a substance, search and post up any information via encyclopaedic data banks on internet, be controlled and monitored by wireless network. It consists of the body structure; 65kg / 160 cm with totally 46 joints; 26 in body, 20 in hands. Also, AKINCI-2 can successfully accomplish the instructions given by Board Chairman of AKINSOFT, Ozgur AKIN and be powered with lithium polymer batteries.

AKINSOFT, performing technological actions to present modern and comfort world for next generation, will keep on production and provide developments for technology.

Presentation from AKINSOFT on 18th Anniversary : AKINCI-2