Humanoid Robotics Hybrid (Waitress & Hostess) Project 2nd Prototype

Meet ADA GH6!

ADA GH6 as the humanoid robotics hybrid project 2nd prototype, is the last developed version of Waitress & Hostess series. It is inevitable that ADA GH6 makes you stand out among your competitors.

  • Get new Customers,
  • Increase your Company financial performance,
  • Become the most popular,
  • Greet your customer jocundly, appealingly and innovatively with our programmed robot for your service area,
  • No salary nor the holiday entitlement,
  • Just watch your customer pool expand. Without any effort...
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ADA GH6 Humanoid Robotics Hybrid (Waitress & Hostess) Project 2nd Prototype


ADA GH6 Humanoid Robotics Hybrid (Waitress & Hostess) Project 2nd Prototype

Technical Features

  • Project Starting Date : 08.05.2018
  • Project Ending Date :28.06.2018
  • Number of Production :5
  • Weight :70 kg
  • Height :165 cm
  • Battery Life : 3 Hours/Extendible
  • Spoken Language : Turkish/ Multi-Language Support (English, Russian, Arabic)


  • Visual Human Recognition: Ability to calculate the distance to the object through depth perception via stereo vision cameras located inside the eyes.
  • Hearing: Ability to infiltrate the noise around, via 3 versatile microphones located on the body, and transmit the sound to artificial intelligence percieving the direction of where the sound come from.
  • Talking: Ability to convert the questions and orders to text ''speech to text'' via 2 stereo microphones and comb them out in artificial intelligence, deliver the information taken from the artificial intelligence through the sound to the user.
  • Body Monitor: Ability to show videos and display relevant images such as photograph, picture, text, through interacting with people via 10.1 inch touch screen integrated on its body.

    Joint Structure & Sensor Networks

    • It has 25 engines designed to control sensitively the movements of body, arm, head, walking and orientation.
    • It can move forward, backwards, sideways, upwards and downwards flexibly via 8 axis arm structure
    • It has 2 limited motors to perform the humanoid head movements and observe around.
    • It can walk at a speed of 50 meters per minute and make a 360 degree turn via steering wheel mechanisms and 3 wheels consisting of ''outrunner'' motors for orientation movements.
    • There are sensors more than 140 on ADA GH6.
    • All the 25 motors located on the body can provide synchronization being controlled by location, speed and heat sensors.
    • It reorients recognizing the obstacles around via impact sensors on all sides of the body.
    • It can detect odors of carbon dioxide, alchohol, butane via gas sensors located on the body.
    • It can hold the objects via pressure sensors located on the hands.

What It Can Do?

  • Distributing brochures: Can hand out brochures introducing your Company, at shopping centres, airports.
  • Dancing: You can attract your customers and guests with interesting show by MINI ADA dancing through the given choreography in events such as exhibitions, concerts, organizations.
  • Waitressing Service: Can collect the orders from kitchen and bring them to the table.
  • Product Introduction: Can provide complete and proper information about the product through interacting with customer. Can quickly learn everything about innovations on your products and do the introductions.
  • Welcoming hostess/Receptionist: They can welcome guests and inform them in your business, or organizations like fair and cermeonies.
  • Active computer and web usage: It can answer questions asked online immediately. Last news, weather.
  • Training: It informs about the field it studied and establishes dialogue in training sesions.
  • General Usage: Giving a plaque, ribbon cutting, cake cutting.

Advantages Offered after the Sale

  • The Company has the right to change the robot with the new version at half price for only once (1) after purchasing the robot.
  • The Company has the right to ask for the new software updates (artificial intelligence, control software, embedded software) free of charge for one (1) year.
  • The Company has the right to ask for new hardware updates at 50% of hardware price for one (1) year after purchasing the robot.
  • The technical support is free of charge -in the condition that the Company to absorb travel expenses- for one (1) year after purchasing the robot.

ADA GH6 Humanoid Robotics Hybrid (Waitress & Hostess) Project 2nd Prototype