Humanoid Hybrid Robot (Waitress & Hostess)

ADA GH5 can perform many programmable movements with its articulated arms, which can mimic human movements. It has ability to dance with the determined choreography.
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Humanoid Hybrid Robot (Waitress & Hostess) Projesi 1st Prototype (ADA GH5) Features

Humanoid Robot ADA GH5

Technical Features

  • Project Start Date : 09.12.2016
  • Project Final Date : 04.11.2017
  • Production Quantity : 10 Units
  • Weight : 90 kg
  • Height : 165 cm
  • Battery : 24 Volt Battery
  • Battery Time : 2 Hours


  • Depth perception with stereo camera
  • Seeing
  • People and object recognition
  • Hearing
  • Understanding
  • Voice recognition
  • Smelling
  • Talking and adaptability

Joint Structure

  • Two arms with 7 axes
  • Sitting and standing up
  • D3 motor mechanism that designed for movements of bending
  • 360 degrees free rotation
  • 3 ‘outrunner’ motor disk and wheel mechanism that allows it to tend movements
  • 2 motors that that limited for head movements.
  • Language : Turkish

What to do?

  • ADA GH5 can perform tasks such as distributing brochures
  • providing waiters services (service from the kitchen, service to the table)
  • product promotion (promoting the product at food stands on the market)
  • instant answers to questions by using internet
  • carrying goods up to 10 kgs weight
  • active computer and internet usage
  • serving as a patient caregiver in hospitals by performing water and catering services
  • making medicine timing and taking medicine to the patient

Humanoid Robot Hybrid (Waitress & Hostess) Project 1st Prototype (ADA GH5)

ADA GH5 that will be used in service sector can be employed in the aiports, bus terminals, hotels, malls, showrooms, markets, restaurants, cafes, educational establishments, hospitals and organizations such as fairs, concerts, ceremonies, festivities.

Humanoid Robot Hybrid (Waitress & Hostess) Project 1st Prototype