Agriculture Robot Project 2nd Prototype

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AKINSOFT AS-PNCR-2 Agriculture Robot Project 2nd Prototype Features


Agricultural Robot Project 2nd Prototype

  • Project Start Date : 02.06.2011
  • Project Final Date : 11.06.2012
  • Production Quantity : 1
  • Weight : 280 kg
  • Height : 87 cm
  • Width : 100 cm
  • Length : 175 cm
  • Battery : Lead Acid (dry battery) 36V
  • Speed :2.8 km/hz
  • Battery Time : 10 Hour


  • Autonomous Beet Planting


  • Electromechanical drive mechanism
  • Planting DC Motor

Usage Fields

  • Robotic Agriculture


The first robotic system that designed and produced by AKINSOFT Robotic Department and announced in May 30, 2011, PNCR-1 and successful result of ongoing R&D works agricultural robot prototype PNCR-2 has been placed in AKINSOFT and the world history. Beet planting is a process that should be taken care of, based on special conditions, such as in many other crops. Planting distance, depth and many other parameters has to be set with a high sensitivity. In addition to these, it is necessary to divide the 2-dimensional field area into the optimum planes and to make the planting linear in order to obtain the maximum yield from the land. Linear or in other words, the best planting is the condition. Because it is very important that the irrigation system to be built after planting or the anchoring, disinfection and dismantling mechanisms can work without damaging the crops. The PNCR prototypes are robotic systems that, according to these rules and circumstances, disengage the human error factor and carry land efficiency to the top.

AKINSOFT AS-PNCR-2 Agriculture Robot Project 2nd Prototype