• established within the body of AKINSOFT to commance mass production in the field of robotic technologies,
  • established on an open area of 11.000 m2 and has a closed area of 27250 m2
  • Has a professional team that can use and develop new technologies
  • Makes mass production.

The First Humanoid Robotic Factory in the World

AKINROBOTICS, which closely follows the developing robotic technologies and will give directions to high technology on the global scale very soon; if the first in the world for the mass production of robots to be used in the service sector.The factory that makes production on lean manufacturing band, determined met expectations of target audience as basic service policy with its systematic structure that is open for developing, idealist view.

Robots will be used in Service Sector

Robots that produced under the umbrella of AKINROBOTICS is producing with own capital and R&D works of the engineers of AKINSOFT by aiming 100% home production. Our firm that aims to serve the humanity and the science, targets increasing social life quality of human and giving opportunity to make them work in more qualified jobs by giving the jobs that threatens human life and monoton jobs to the robots. To distinguish your company, reach the new markets and increase your power in the current markets, you can make your products and service advertisements with our robots more attractively and amusingly.


  • 28.06.2018 Completing Humanoid Robot Hybrid (Waiter & Hostess) Project 2nd Prototype (ADA GH6) project
  • 10.06.2018 Mini Humanoid Robot Project 1. Prototype (MINI ADA)
  • 04.11.2017 Completing Humanoid Robot Hybrid (Waiter & Hostess) Project 1st Prototype (ADA GH5) project
  • 04.11.2017 Official inauguration of AKINROBOTICS
  • 15.04.2017 Entering into service of the factory
  • 11.10.2016 Completing Humanoid Robot Hostess Project 2nd Prototype ADA H4 project
  • 28.05.2016 Completing Humanoid Robot Waiter Project 4th Prototype ADA G4 Project
  • 26.12.2016 Groundbreaking Ceremony of the factory
  • 26.03.2015 Inauguration of Cadde Meram Cafe & Robotic Application Center
  • 23.12.2014 Completing Humanoid Robot Project 3rd Prototype (AKINOID-3) project
  • 12.04.2013 Completing Humanoid Robot Project 2nd Prototype (AKINOID-2) project
  • 11.06.2012 – Completing Agricultural Robot Project 2nd Prototype AS-PNCR-2 project
  • 14.07.2011 - Completing Humanoid Robot Project 1st Prototype (AKINOID-1) project
  • 01.06.2011 - Completing Agricultural Robot Project 1st Prototype AS-PNCR-1 project
  • 24.04.2010 – Completing the first Humanoid Robot AKINCI-P (Movement Support System Work) project
  • 26.08.2009 – Starting R&D Works on Robotic Technologies


Our Mission,

is to serve humanity and the science ideally by minimising the physical strength, making people use understanding and know-how capabilities socially in order to provide humans in the whole world live a more qualified life with the robots we produce. Because it is "Worth to Human..."

Our Vision

In the technology competing, writing name of AKINROBOTICS to the history and live indispensability of artificial intelligence that is unavoidable fact of our life and to present the best to the humanity. "Our reason for being is to crown the values"


AKINROBOTICS predicates the target group's satisfaction upon the services provided. All the negative backgrounds of the target groups are evaluated quickly, to prevent these negativenesses permanent improvements are made after the necessary informing about the solution process.

Our works are based on the principle of serving of science, innovative in all process of the production in order to meet necessity and expectation of the target group.

Adopting the philosophy of lean manufacturing system that is open for developing and innovation every time to our workers and keeping producing performance at the highest level by associating with the team spirit.

Our works aim to move our country to the highest level on the robotic technogies by creating qualified management system.


  • Focused on staff
  • Innovation centered of technology
  • R&D works on every manufacturing
  • Being open for long winded projects