Mini ADA takes place in many sectors, especially in tourism, health, education, and fast consumption. In the rapidly developing world, Humanoid Service Robots have already taken over their duties. Meet Mini ADA to improve your business, make a difference, and provide your customers with different solutions and services, faster, more enjoyable, and more innovative.

Work Robot

UVC SterIlIzatIon Robot

For many years, UV technology has been used in the fight against pandemics that radically change the way of life, in which the whole world acts together. To be able to put up the most effective fight in the Covid-19 pandemic; our new generation robot, which contains UV-C rays with a wavelength of 254 nm, which is necessary for the destruction of bacteria and viruses, is ready for service.
UV-C SterilizatIon Robot
UV-C SterilizatIon Robot

Quadruped robot ARAT 3.2

Quadruped robot ARAT 3.2


All of the engines used in ARAT 3.2 have been designed and manufactured within our company.


It is at your service with the wireless control feature and communication architecture running at 8 megabits.


Designed with balance protection algorithm against impacts. Wide working angle providing flexible movement, adaptive balance algorithm.


ARAT, which has the feature of carrying load, can be used in search and rescue activities in the terrain.

SocIal Robot Project

Meet ADA GH6!

ADA GH6, the robot you are looking for with its advanced, superior humanoid features; It is the most advanced version of the Service Robot series.With ADA GH6, it is inevitable to stand out among your competitors by using high technology in your company.
social robot project ADA GH6 Seeing and Recognition

Seeing and RecognItIon

She recognizes faces and objects with image processing saves them in memory and can remember them later.

social robot project ADA GH6 Duyma


She transmits the sound to artificial intelligence percieving the direction of where the sound come from.

social robot project ADA GH6 talking


She converts the questions and orders to text "speech to text" via 2 stereo microphones and combs them out in artificial intelligence, delivers the information taken from the artificial intelligence through the sound to the user.

social robot project ADA GH6
social robot project ADA GH6
social robot project ADA GH6


With our engineering knowledge and experience, we produce highly skilled robots to be used in the service sector in order to move our country to the top.
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