Robotic Tecnology Adventure of AKINROBOTICS

AKINROBOTICS, established to produce and work with the latest technology and innovation, by aiming to be the ambassador of the technology in Turkey.

Since it was founded on 12 April 1995, AKINSOFT made its visions real one by one and launched its works in Robotic Technologies in 2009...

Robotic Works

Meet ADA GH6!

ADA GH6 as the humanoid robotics hybrid project 2nd prototype, is the last developed version of Waitress & Hostess series. It is inevitable that ADA GH6 makes you stand out among your competitors.

  • Get new Customers,
  • Increase your Company financial performance,
  • Become the most popular,
  • Greet your customer jocundly, appealingly and innovatively with our programmed robot for your service area,
  • No salary nor the holiday entitlement,
  • Just watch your customer pool expand. Without any effort...
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Hello to humonoid robots with Mini ADA

Mini Ada, who already took its part in daily life, can be charged for various activities like openings, celebrating organizations at airports, terminals, hotels, shopping malls, stores, markets, fairs, concerts. With Mini ADA;

  • Improve your Brand Awarenes by taking your brand to first places,
  • Reduce your workload,
  • Attract Media attention
  • Improve your brand value,
  • Make difference with technology's new trend; Mini ADA...
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Turkey's first robotic application center Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center that inaugurated on March 26 2015, Robot Waiter ADA started to serve to the guests. Cadde Meram Cafe and Robotic Application Center that served as a response of the question “What do these robots do?” has been flooded with visitors. Robot Waiter ADA with an artificial intelligence, 150 cm length, 36 kg weight started to serve food and drink in the Cafe and Robotic Application Center which started to serve with a concept that will be first in Turkey.

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AKINSOFT that signed the firsts in the world with the robotic works it realised, keeps being the vision of Turkey on the field of high technology. With this conscious, keeping the works without down the speed, gived the day December 4 1996, the day it cooperated as “World IT Specialist Day” and celebrates it every year. AKINSOFT also presented the video of Robot Hostess ADA to the public on December 4, 2015.

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4 Footed Robot ARAT

  • Walking in balance thanks to 4 pcs of feet of 3 joints.
  • Exploration making by using its directioning, running and climbing stairs specifications.
  • Thanks to stereo vision camera walking wih depth detection, to move away from the obstacles in the direction of it or to develop a strategy to overcome that obstacle.
  • Thanks to microphones equipped on it, moving to the direction where voice comes from to listen voice commands.
  • Notification of Danger moments by using its smell detectors.
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Robots will be used in Service Sector

Video Gallery

Videos from Robotic Application Center

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to produce and work with the last technology and innovation by aiming to be embassy of technology in Turkey. Since it was founded on 12 April 1995, AKINSOFT made its visions real one by one and launched its works in Robotic Technologies in 2009. At the end of the year, AKINSOFT Robotics Department, which has been working with perseverance, has begun to experience its projects in the field of humanoid robot.