Robotic Activities


Model : Agricultural Robot Project 1 prototype
Project Start Date : 01.03.2011
Project Final Date : 01.06.2011
Production Quantity : 1
Weight : 30 kg
Height : 60 cm
Width : 76 cm
Length : 115 cm
Battery : Lead Acid (dry battery) 24v
Battery Time : 2 Hour
Structure : Electromechanical drive mechanism and planting DC Motor
Capability : Electronic Planting System
Usage Field : Robotic Agriculture

First field operation of PNCR-1 that AKINSOFT's first project in robotic technology, has been successfully accomplished. All mechanical parts, electronic circuits and softwares plan to complete next sowing season has already achived by AKINSOFT Robotic Department. PNCR-1 that tests are continued, with last tests positive results, first seeding will done in 4 june 2011.

PNRC-1's prototype is seeding in 2 lines and end of the project that will do 10 lines seeding processes. In the next sowing period PNCR-1 come along with beet seeding will include soil analysis, manuring and contend with weeds. PNCR-1 will seeding beet automatically, controlling after germination, for reiterated sowing and if demand will do soil analysis for water and manuring.Using image process algorithms and location perception system with radio frequency, PNRC-1 will be aware of exact position of it and with aritifical intelligence integrated systems sowing process will accomplished by itself.

PNCR-1 that will be capable of sowing, manuring, applying insecticide and contend with weeds without any interrupt once definition of area that be sowed in field by farmers; is in concern of sugar beet sowing in our country, approximatelly 500 thousand farmers, in other word is 3 million peoples' lifes are closely releated with producing sugar beet. Because of sugar beet right along with sugar also telescoped with animal husbandry, bait, drug, meat producing, milk producing, transportation and service sectores, PNCR-1 expected make huge acceleration of this sector.