Robotic Activities


Model : Humanoid Robot Project 1. Prototype
Project Start Date : 27.08.2009
Project Final Date : 14.07.2011
Production Quantity : 1
Weight : 42 kg
Height : 145 cm
Width : 65 cm
Pace : -
Battery : (No mobility, Adapter Power Supply)
Battery Time : -
Language : Turkish
Joint Structure : 23 Joint: Electromechanical - DC Motor
Capability : 2D vision, object recognition and tracking, speech and simulation of human movements, limited speech recognition system.

AKINSOFT founded in 1995,determined visions to be realized in periods of five years each.The most important is the vision of "2015 Human Life Easier Robotics Technology Mass Production", after explaining the idea, started in 2009 R & D studies in the field of robotic technologies.Ozgur Akin led the Department of Robotics AKINSOFT working day and night for this vision, 14 July 2011 made the first presentation of the Prototype Humanoid Robot.Ozgur AKIN personally interested all the preparations before to introduction, “Since 1995, the project produced many issues”, he said.In the field of Robotic Technology in 2009 we started the R & D activities, and for 2 years working with intensive study on a humanoid robot.You know, we realized to introduction of the first Agricultural Robot in Turkey with the PNCR-1.Today, we are introducing Turkey's able to walk, speak and answer the questions,that can be easily capable of math problems,and the commands that can follow the image perfectly, as thefirst humanoid robot prototype.Getting to know the robot more closely together now, saying, "Humanoid Robot AKINCI-1 functions mentioned.

Firstly, directed to the AKINCI-1 “hello, how are you?, what is your name?, what day is today?, where are you?” like questions,” I'm fine,thank you how are you, I'm a humanoid robot AKINCI,today is 14 July 2011 Thursday,now Robotic Department of AKINSOFT in Konya”answered the questions.After that,AKINCI-1 answered Ozgur AKIN's questions and “squat down,stop,look to the door, look to the window,open arms,dance,AKINCI forward!”, succesfully fulfilling the commands AKINCI-1,capable of simulating the movements of the human muscular system,and by showing that,everyone gained a lot of appreciation.In addition, some of tests applied to image processing AKINCI-1, observed when asked spaces colored geometric shapes,pointed the location,followed by the head one by one,names of the said geometric shapes.Head of the Department of Robotİcs Mechatronics AKINSOFT Mehmet SAATÇİ,given technical information about AKINCI-1,”All materials used in production the robot is the domestic,and don't have a connection with overseas, completely is the product of the AKINSOFT.We are working Turkish Engineers and technicians in our company.We will AKINCI's more developed,more human-like movements to make it soft and makes mass production in 2015”, he said.

After the promotion, AKINSOFT Chairman and Computer Engineer Ozgur Akin, all employees of the Department of Robotics AKINSOFT (Mehmet SAATCI, Rasul AYDOGAN,Gulay GORGULU,Mehmet A.AKMAN, and Tahsin OCAL) by visiting individual,thanked the team for its work..